Monday, September 13, 2010

Mag-lite XL100

In the quest to have more flashlights than NY Fire Dept my buddy ( We'll call him Steve ) purchased a couple of these Mag- Lite LED Xl100. He was kind enough to give me one ( I too believe in having a flashlight for every occasion ). First let me say you need a PHD in flashlights ( which my buddy has )to first start using this flashlight, but once you watch a video or two your good to go. It's fun and for the price it does what much more expensive flashlights do.

The All New
Maglite® XL100™ LED Flashlight
A revolutionary breakthrough in flashlight technology, designed for optimum light output, the new MAGLITE® XL100™LED flashlight delivers user-friendly, performance oriented features in a sleek, tactical design. Engineered from the ground up, this advanced lighting instrument is driven by the next generation of MAG-LED® technology and includes the Advanced Flashlight User Interface™. The Maglite® XL100™flashlight features a push-button tail cap switch with (5) selectable modes, plus lockout (prevents accidental operation).


* Normal Mode (Basic On-Off)
Adjustable Brightness with Memory
* Strobe Mode
Adjustable Strobe Rate with Memory
* Nite Lite™ Mode
Automatically Dims to a Low Setting
* Signal Mode
User initiated signal on-off
* SOS Mode
Signals International Morse Code SOS
* Plus: Lockout
Prevents accidental operation

Thursday, September 9, 2010

lite my fire!

previously I had shown my new blastmatch for starting fires and yes it works great, but what if you want something smaller that really works well? Look no farther than
Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel Mini, for under $10 this is a great way to start a fire. Of course my first choice would be a lighter but this is a good backup.

Small enough for your pocket, the Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel® Mini magnesium fire-starting tool lasts at least 1,500 strikes!

* Pulling the provided striker or your knife down the 1.5 in. rod emits 5,500°F sparks, which in turn can ignite stove, paper, dry grass or bark
* Fireproof in solid form, tool works just as well wet as dry, for use in any weather and at any altitude
* Includes handle, striker, fire-starter rod and cord to keep striker and starter together
* Approved for use by the International Survival Instructors Association